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Your Struggles Are Trying to Tell You Something

Is there something in your life that you continually (and/or repeatedly) run up against?

Maybe you get irritated at the same type of thing, with a variety of different people. Maybe you’re constantly bouncing checks or being charged late fees. Or maybe you spend your days at work wishing you could do something else with your life.

Well, your struggles are trying to tell you something. » Read more

Making Molehills Out of Mountains

Sometimes tasks just seem insurmountable. They weigh on you, day after day. Maybe you’re trying to get out of a huge pile of debt, or maybe you’re working at coming up with enough money to pay this month’s bills on time — with getting out of debt or building up savings just a distant dream.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed at the thought of things like that. Difficult situations are enough to get anyone down. I remember when I desperately, literally needed every single dollar just to make ends meet. (Where “making ends meet” didn’t include things like buying a replacement pair of shoes.) It was easy to get stressed about it. » Read more

Money and Relationships

Money and relationships. They’re intertwined in many ways, even if you only think about your own relationship with money.

What does money mean to you? Is it security, power, lack, fun, or something else entirely? It could even be a combination of things, which seems likely because both money and relationships are complicated things. » Read more

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