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Stop Blaming Outside Forces

It can be so easy to blame outside forces for things that sometimes we place blame without even realizing what we’re doing.

For example, when I first got into debt, I put things on a credit card because I thought I had to. My husband had to go to his grandfather’s funeral, I had to get the clutch replaced in my car, etc. Then I sat back and blamed my debt on those outside forces. » Read more

What’s the Best Advice That You Just Didn’t Take?

There’s plenty of great advice out there. The problem is that it’s a whole lot easier to pass that advice right on by without taking it — or even to go ahead and do exactly the opposite — than it is to take good advice to heart and act on it.

I’ve disregarded plenty of good advice myself, at least initially. Many times I came around after I’d gone ahead and messed things up pretty good, or after I finally got things in gear and got moving. » Read more

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