How to Get What You Want Most

Know what’s stopping you from getting what you want most?

Two things:

  1. Not understanding the difference between a priority and the priority
  2. Not aligning your actions with your words and feelings

By definition, a priority is something that comes first. Well, only one thing can really come first at any given time. If you have several things that are “a” priority, none of them are really the priority. » Read more

Intimidation is Just a Word

It’s easy to be intimidated by things you’ve never done before. Intimidation can stop you from doing things you’re probably capable of — if you let it — or intimidation can be just a word. It’s up to you.

Many times we pay others to do things that we could easily do ourselves — not because we don’t want to take the time or make the effort, but because we’re afraid we won’t do it right. We’re intimidated. Worse, many times we don’t do things that we would really love to do out of fear or a belief that we won’t be any good at it. Other people make it look so easy, but we don’t know where to start, and we’re sure we could never do something like that. » Read more

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