How I Freed Up My Time By Leaving Corporate Jobs Behind

People climbing the corporate ladderGrowing up as a Gen X’er, I was always told that getting a good corporate job was the way to lifelong stability. But this never resonated well with me. I tried to make it work though. Oh, how I tried!

I wanted to be considered stable and successful, and make my family proud. But I just never felt at home in a corporate job. I always felt like those jobs were sucking the life right out of me. » Read more

Do You Know Where Your Money Goes?

Do you really know where your money goes each month? If you’re tracking your spending, you do. If you can’t say for sure, don’t automatically assume that your money just goes to “bills”. Chances are a surprising amount of it doesn’t.

And that’s why you should care

When you don’t know where your money is going, chances are you’re missing out on some great opportunities to buy and do some interesting things — especially if you’re living paycheck to paycheck.

In other words, you may be trading the things you really want for the things you want right now. But once you know where your money is going, you can redirect it to where you actually want it to go. You can do fun things. You can save for your future. You can get ahead. » Read more

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