Is Driving with UberEATS for You?


Why drive with UberEATS?

Typically folks driving with UberEATS aim to make money while they are:

  • unemployed & looking for a job
  • working to bring in some extra income (for example, to pay off debt)
  • as a break from creative work
  • while on their way home from a full time job
  • because they enjoy it

But of course some folks do it for other reasons too, and for varying numbers of hours.

So how do you know if driving with UberEATS is a good idea for you? » Read more

Is Your Teen Ready for a Checking Account?

Should your kid get a debit card? Factors to consider about teens & checking accountsSome parents may not consider allowing their young teen to get a checking account at all, but there are valid reasons why it can be good for them to have one.

A checking account can give them a chance to responsibly shine with money and teach them how to:

  • use debit cards
  • monitor and plan ahead for automatic payments
  • use an ATM card
  • write checks (should they ever need to do that)

They can learn while they are still under your direct supervision (as opposed to when they go off to college and aren’t!) » Read more

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