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Inspired by the Man Crossing the Road

I was stopped at a light when a man crossed in front of my car. It was nearly dusk, but I could see him smile as he waved to acknowledge that there was room to pass between my car and the one in front of me.

I smiled back and watched him cross the street. That’s when I noticed what he was carrying: a tightly-rolled sleeping bag, a thermos, and a small bag. He was kind of dirty, and his clothes looked worn. It dawned on me that he was probably homeless, or at least down on his luck. » Read more

Getting Out of Survival Mode

There have been a couple of periods in my life when I was basically in survival mode. I had to be very careful with my money. Careful as in budgeting to the penny, with the slightest unexpected expense putting me over the edge.

Think ramen noodles every night of the week. Something as simple as needing a new pair of cheap Ked-like shoes required scrimping, saving and hoping they would go on sale so I could get them for $3 or so. » Read more

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