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Finding Clothes That Fit

Those of you reading this that are guys are probably thinking, “How could it be hard to find clothes that fit? Duh, just walk in to the store, grab your size, and leave.” But I promise you, it’s not that simple if you are a woman.

It’s not that we just love playing dress up. I don’t know anyone who » Read more

Preventing Impulse Buys

Impulse buys can be detrimental for a couple of reasons. They can prevent you from getting the things you really want (such as a down payment on a house, some other larger purchase you’d like to make, or getting out of debt).

This is especially likely to happen if you’re a frequent impulse buyer. A few extra outfits that looked cute at the time but then sat in the back of your closet could have paid for a longed-for trip out of town. » Read more

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