“You Get 3 Choices” – What Would Your Answer Be?

I was listening (as always) to the Internet Business Mastery podcast and just loved one of their questions. I’m paraphrasing here, but it went something like this:

What would you want to do if you only had to do three things for a living?

It made me stop and consider. How often do we actually think about what we want to do, instead of what we have to do in our work or business lives?

At any rate the idea is to figure out the things you’d most prefer to spend your time on. Once you get those things figured out, you can focus them within your business and (eventually) hire others to do the things that aren’t as important to you or that you aren’t as good at.

I think the idea could apply to a job too; at least in the sense of giving thought to the areas of focus you would like to get into.

So, what are the 3 things you would want to do for a living if they were all you had to do?

Here are my answers:
Come up with ideas
Write articles
Help people

I don’t think it’s the kind of question that requires a lot of soul-searching either. Just answer off the top of your head and see what comes to mind. If you feel like sharing in the comments, I’d love to know what you come up with.


  • 1. Socialize
    2. Blog
    3. Volunteer

  • Does it have to be for work? ha!

    I’m with Fun Stuff above–
    1. Banter with folks (idea generation in the working world? Mostly I’d prefer that we cook, garden, craft, and do other fun hangin’ out activities. We could use our combined efforts to help folks via food pantries, etc.)
    2. Write STUFF I ENJOY WRITING, ‘cuz I already write boring crap for a living. But at least I’m getting paid to write, right?
    3. Play outside. Park ranger? Community gardener? Landscaping? The options are endless.

  • 1. Work from home
    2. Work outside
    3. Travel full time!

  • Reading

  • Why am I not surprised that most of us have some form of writing listed? :)

    Thanks for sharing guys, I enjoyed seeing what you’d do!

  • DestinyDesigns888

    These are the three things that motivate me…….

    1. Become the person I was created to be & fulfill my purpose – which is to create a
    multi-facited Enterprise (including online businesses.) Profit = Resource/Tool.

    2. Help as many people as possible; for those around me to be blessed – provide jobs, meet
    physical & spiritual needs. Share my testimony of all God has done for me.

    3. To be the best: spouse, mother to our four children & friend.

  • Thanks for sharing, DestinyDesigns :)

  • Anyway here goes:

    1. Publish a novel.
    2. Give away a billion dollars to establish a charitable foundation.
    3. Live off of passive income so I can do whatever I want whenever I want.

  • Eddie

    1. Travel the world
    2. Drive exotic sports cars through twisty roads/mountains
    3. Review said sports cars.

    I think the guy’s on Top Gear have the best job in the world. I would do it for free.