Would You Travel the World Without Any Luggage?

Would you travel the world without any luggage? I sure would, but I’d prefer to do it intentionally (as opposed to having an airline lose our luggage at the start of the trip like it did when we went to Italy.)

Anyway, this guy named Rolf Potts is traveling the world with no luggage. But not only is he traveling the world, he has a sponsor. So uh, free. (There’s the money-related aspect to this post. And maybe they need a family of three to do the same? *Raises hand to volunteer*.)

At any rate, when I first heard about this idea, I got all excited. I pictured hoping on a plane on a whim with nothing more than passports, money, a phone, and maybe a camera. (OK, so I’d bring a book for the plane ride too, but I could just leave that on the plane when I was done for the next traveler…)

We could always pick up toiletries when we got to our destination, and there would be no stressing about finding room for a carry-on or paying fees for checked luggage. (Not that I would ever check luggage again if I have a choice in the matter.)

I’m not sure why the idea of traveling super light appeals to me so much. Maybe I’m more of a minimalist than I thought. Or, maybe it’s just the idea of being able to go places with literally nothing to weigh you down. What do you think? Have you ever traveled without luggage, intentionally or unintentionally?