Why Some People Almost Always Live Their Dreams

Most of us know someone who’s always doing the things they dream of. Maybe they travel to exotic places on a regular basis, work in a field they love, or drive a snazzy sports car just because.

Likewise, most of us know people who…don’t. They struggle with bills and debt, have one emergency after another, and are stuck in a dead-end job. Or maybe they are just vaguely unhappy.

What’s the difference between the two people?

Some might say that the ability to live your dreams is a combination of hard work and good luck. Of course hard work usually IS involved — along with a little bit of good luck. But you can work long and hard at a dead end job and never get anywhere (because it is a dead end job.) You can win the lottery and end up bankrupt.

So why do some people almost always live out their dreams?

They believe that their dreams are possible.

That’s always the starting point. After all, if you don’t believe that something is possible, you won’t even try.

Once you believe, it almost always is possible, because you do the things that make it so. You find a way, and you don’t give up until you get there.

What dreams have you lived? And what dreams are you working on now?