Where to Get Inexpensive Holiday Cards

Let’s face it, the very best time to buy inexpensive holiday cards is the week after Christmas.

You can wait for the 90% off sales, if you aren’t super choosy, and pick up several boxes for a song. (And by “a song” I mean most likely under a dollar, total.) The only trick with that is remembering where you stored the cards when the holidays roll around again next year.

But what about this year?

If you’re doing photo cards, I personally have used my Costco membership to get them before and love the results. Other places that offer photo cards are Shutterfly, Snapfish, Vistaprint, most drug stores, and stores like Target. Check for special offers and delivery times, and Google for coupon codes before ordering.

For regular (non-photo) cards, once again drug stores and stores like Target are good places to look. Dollar stores, Big Lots, grocery stores, bookstores and places with big percent-off coupons (like Michael’s) are good too.

One comment

  • This is a great tip for inexpensive holiday cards. People could also try to buy cards online or send out free ecards to some people on their lists to cut down on costs.