What I Learned From a No Good, Very Bad Week

Between the sad death of a family member and my son’s trips to urgent care and the emergency room, we had a very bad week recently. Thankfully at least everything turned out fine with my son.

However, I did learn several things from that no good, very bad week — part of which was goal-related — so I’ll talk about that part here. It’s this:

When you’re forced to drastically change your schedule and cut out nearly everything you would normally do over the course of a week, you begin to see things differently.

For one thing, it quickly becomes apparent that most of the things you spend your days doing are not really all that important in the big scheme of things. They’re probably not even all that important in the little scheme of things.

Try seeing what a week of skipping all the unimportant things is like.

(Yes, you really can skip those things for a week, whatever they are. Find someone else to do them for you if you think they absolutely must get done.)

Then spend that time with your family and friends instead, talking and enjoying each other. And when you do work, work on the things that are really important to you. Work on your real goals, not just on crossing things off your daily list.