Waste Not, Want Not — Or, We Hate Throwing Stuff Away When There’s Still Plenty Available

Did you know when you run out of things like lotion or shampoo, that there’s still usually a lot left inside the container?

The picture above is a lotion container that my husband cut open to get at the rest of the lotion inside. (And that picture is after a week or so of use.) He stores the container inside a plastic bag.

When he first cut open the container, the sides were still coated with lotion, and the bottom had a fairly thick layer of lotion on it too. Why throw away something that still has plenty of stuff left in it?

Getting at the last bit saves time and money. (Because you can put off that trip to the store.) It also reduces waste, which is good for everyone.

Similar things can be done for bottles of shampoo and liquid soaps. Just add a tiny bit of water to them and shake. That’ll turn the contents into a slightly foaming shampoo or soap, and you’ll get many more uses out of it before you need to buy more.