Use Your Powers for Good, Not Evil

We’ve all been there. We want something so badly we can taste it, and so we begin rationalizing, coming up with “reasons” why getting what we want is the smart thing to do.

This can happen with anything, from a cheesecake dessert to buying a new car.

We want it, and suddenly the world seems filled with reasons why getting what we want is a good idea, even though that little voice inside our head is saying things like “But what about ______?”

We can be pretty darn creative in figuring out how to shush that inner voice of reason and coming up with ways that things will “work out” the way we want them to.

Often, this ends up with us going into debt or making the kinds of decisions that will prevent us from achieving our financial goals.

But creativity is the key. Because if we can be that creative with things that will get us into debt (or other trouble), we can be equally creative in coming up with ways that will get us OUT of debt.

Use your powers of creativity for good.


  • LOL, I had one of these metal sessions this morning…

    It went like this:
    I really want a McDonalds Latte! That latte will help me wake up! But it’s so expensive. I know I’ll just buy a regular coffee with 2 creams, that’s equivalent…

    Today, the “Hyde” portion of my Jekyll and Hyde act won… Mostly, I’m a Jekyll kind of guy when it comes to finances…

    Nice site!

  • A coffee-wielding Hyde! :)

  • Hi there

    Good one

    Keep them coming

    Be Well