Update: 30 Products in 30 Days

Back in June, I had this idea to create 30 products in 30 days. It was based on an interview I heard with Jeff Johnson, who did keyword research and built a website every single day when he was first starting out.

I was so impressed by that interview (and his commitment!) that I vowed to create 30 products in 30 days.

The day came to start, and I jumped right in.

Only, the first product I decided to create was kind of…massive. “No problem,” I thought. “I’ll just do this product first and delay my start date.”

I worked and worked, and got things to the point where I needed help. Help that, it turned out, I couldn’t afford. So I put that first product aside to wait for the day when I might have the money to complete it, and started on the next product.

Which also turned out to be massive.

I gave up, set the entire 30 products in 30 days project aside, and commenced feeling guilty because I hadn’t done what I said I was going to do. (And I still haven’t.)

The thing is, Jeff Johnson’s idea wasn’t about doing something crazy that no one else would be committed enough to do. It was about focusing on what his real goal.

So after I had enough of the guilt, I got back to focusing on my Pay Off Debt app.

I’m still tempted by the idea of 30 products in 30 days (and I still feel a little bit guilty) but the reality is that I’m better off doing as much as I can, every single day, toward my real goal of making my app a success.

That’s where I should be putting my energy, particularly when my mantra each morning includes “I take up one idea and stick with it. I leave every other idea alone.”


  • I’m quite like that too! Probably a temperament issue! Really hard to focus when I decide to do too many things at the same time and end up doing nothing!

  • It’s an interesting concept. If you can pull it off, go for it! I start so many things and don’t finish though – it’s my Achilles heal.

  • It’s a curse to have so many ideas and so little time. I’m the same way. Focus on one and finish it to the end is the best way to see progress.

  • I’m excited to watch the Pay Off Debt app go from concept to reality! Hope you continue to keep us posted!

  • The only problem I have with the concept is that what sort of quality can you produce if all you took is one day to produce the product. I mean, even if you hired someone to ghost write a book for you, it takes a while. Or if you decide to record an interview (and call it a “product”, I’m sure it takes more than a day to know what to ask or to even get a guest to interview!

    I don’t know what was preached in whatever you listened to but it all seems like an impossible task to begin with?

  • In the interview that I listened to, it made sense and was presented more as backstory. If I understood it correctly, he was creating very small niche sites (a few pages each) that were highly focused on specific keywords. So, that would actually be pretty doable. (I could write a few articles in a day, and presumably do the research too.) But I extrapolated a different aspect of the interview (do something kind of crazy) and tried to go with that.