29 Thoughtful Homemade Gift Ideas

29 quick & easy homemade gift ideasLooking for homemade gift ideas that recipients will love?

Check out this list of 29 different gift ideas (some with multiple variations). You’re sure to find something doable here.

Just click the links to learn how to make them.

  1. Child’s Growth Chart (from fabric or from wood with embellishments)
  2. Mini Photo Album
  3. Placemats (from fabric or from greeting cards)
  4. Caramel Sauce (note storage details)
  5. Mango Chutney
  6. Jam & Balancing Spoon (buy or make a jar of jam, pick up some old silver spoons at a thrift store, bend them using a rubber mallet and dowel so they can balance on the edge of the jar, and package up as a set.)
  7. Jingle Bell Jars
  8. Tile Address Sign
  9. Aprons (via Consciously Frugal)
  10. Peppermint Bark
  11. Word Art (paste in words describing the recipient, an event, or the person’s interests, create, change shapes & colors as desired, print & frame)
  12. Tiny Pies Baked in Jars
  13. Plant-in-a-Mug (Buy a colorful mug and plant a small plant or succulent in it)
  14. Seedlings-in-a-Sack (Get a brown paper sack, glue a decoration of some sort to the outside, fill sack with dirt, and plant a seedling in it. Attach a tag with care instructions.)
  15. Burlap-Wrapped Bulbs
  16. Bath bombs
  17. Reusable Grocery Bags (via Consciously Frugal)
  18. Coasters (from tile or from glass with pressed flowers)
  19. Trivets (from mosiac tile or from wine corks)
  20. Dog Treats (for the dog lovers in your life)
  21. Jewelry Box
  22. Ring Toss Game
  23. Personalized Name or Number Art (shoot photos of found or arranged objects that look like individual letters or numbers, spell out a name or address by placing the resulting individual photos in a single frame)
  24. Wine charms
  25. Silhouette Portraits (using Photoshop or using scissors)
  26. Magnets (from rocks (glitter optional), Lego bricks, marbles, or bottle caps)
  27. Spray-painted seashells
  28. Vanilla Extract (takes at least 4 weeks)
  29. Limoncello (takes 90 days)