The Value of No-Spend Days

As you might guess, no-spend days are days where you commit to not spending any money at all. Sometimes folks extend the concept and commit to not spending any extra money for an entire month.

The idea appeals to me, because I look at how much I spend each month on things that I don’t need at all, and think what a nice savings that would be. But I’ve yet to make it past a single no-spend day. In part I think this is because with the exception of eating out, I’d mostly just be putting off purchases instead of eliminating them. Also, I haven’t been that great at telling myself no lately.

For me I think the primary value i doing a no-spend day would be in making me actually stop and think about the things I’m spending my money on.

So if you’ve done a no-spend day (or month), how did it go for you and what benefit did you see from it? Is there anything I’m missing with regard to its value?


  • Tina

    I’ve done a month. It was hard! But after two weeks, it really changed my perception of a want and a need. I’ve also started looking for other ways to save (i.e. doing my own nails & drinking the free coffee at work instead of starbucks). It’s hard initially but once you commit it really does change your spending habits.

  • Harri @ Miss Moneypenniless

    Sounds like a great challenge! I’ll give it a go and let you know what happens :)

  • ib

    I really try to do this… and sometime I do have no-spend days. However I found I just spent more on the days that I do spend. It seems that once you buy that first item/go to that first store, it’s all downhill from there.