Ten Things Truly Wealthy People Do (That You Can Too)

There are lots of things that wealthy people do that middle-class people may avoid out of ungrounded fear. Time to get over that!When I made very little money, I felt embarrassed using coupons at the grocery store. Of course, I did it anyway because I liked being able to eat.

It was only later that I realized that wealthy people might be even more apt to use coupons. After all, they understand the value of money and don’t see the point of spending extra for the sake of spending extra.

There are a lot of things that wealthy people do that middle-class or poor people may avoid doing out of a fear of looking cheap.

Here are some of the things I’ve personally observed.

People who are well-off:

1. Spend less than they earn

2. Plan their spending ahead of time

3. Clip and use coupons

4. Give generously to specific charities or causes

5. Save and invest regularly for the future

6. Have long-term plans that they bring to fruition

7. Drive reasonable cars, and hang on to them for many years

8. Don’t feel compelled to pick up the tab for others in order to show that they can

9. Focus on achieving their SMART goals

10. Don’t buy brand names just for the sake of buying brand names. They buy what they truly value instead.

When you’re well-off

Do you recognize yourself in any of those actions? If so, you’re probably either wealthy or on your way there. If not, consider giving them a try.

When you’re well-off — or at least comfortable and confident with your financial situation — you don’t worry as much about whether or not you appear to be in good financial shape. You ARE in good financial shape, which is what really matters.

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  • Great post Jackie, Realistically spoken and most of them are true, I’ve also noticed that :) Points 4 and 5 are beneficial and something to follow by all of us.