The 7 Savings Super Powers

Do you wish you were better at socking away money for a rainy day? (Or for whatever else strikes your fancy?) With these 7 savings super powers, you can be.

1. Super accuracy.

super accuracyLike the Green Arrow shooting an arrow, you want to hit your savings target. And that means you’ve got to have one. Set a specific goal so you know what you’re aiming for, and make sure it’s a goal that’s within range.

2. Super speed.

Once you’ve set your goal, you can use a burst of Flash-like super speed to make progress toward it quickly. In money terms, this translates to selling unused items and making extra money. You’ll be carried forward by the momentum of success as you see your savings balance grow.

3. Invisibility.

Automating your savings plan, and money will sneak right into your account without you even seeing it. That’s good news for your savings account, because you won’t spend what you don’t see. Talk to your employer or bank and set up automatic deposits from each paycheck to activate this super power.

4. X-ray vision.

Superman has x-ray vision, and you can too by seeing those impulse purchases that threaten to derail your plan for what they really are: a villain in disguise. Turn on your x-ray vision by looking closely at any unplanned purchases you’re tempted to make. Remember that the money can be better used to meet your savings goal instead.

5. Force field generation.

Life’s full of bumps in the road, but when you use the Green Lantern’s ring to generate a protective force field around your family, you won’t feel the bumps as much. In savings terms, this means making sure you’ve got an emergency fund in addition to other savings.

6. Super strength.

You may not like him when he’s angry, but the Hulk’s strength comes out when it’s needed most. When you’ve got super strength on your side, you can power through setbacks and burst through walls until you reach your savings goal. This means getting angry and sticking with the program when life hands you setbacks instead of giving up.

7. Flying.

Tony Stark used his engineering genius to create boot-mounted jets that allow him to fly as Iron Man. You can do one better by using your savings genius to allow you to live your dreams. After all, that’s what building up savings is all about: making sure you can do the things that you both want and need to do. Get started today, and you’ll soon be flying high as you live your dreams.


  • I LOVE how you attributed super powers to skills my friends think are boring. This makes saving and investing seem even cooler! Thanks.

  • All 7 Savings Super Powers or tips are good and effective as well. I am already following 5 out of 7. Even I liked much ” X-ray vision”. Thanks to share some unique terms to share money saving tips with us.