The $5000 Challenge

Make an extra $5000 in 112 days.

That’s the challenge my son will be taking, starting tomorrow (August 11th) and ending December 1st.

For those without their calculators handy, $5000 averages out to about $44.64 a day, but of course it’d be just fine to earn it in bigger chunks too. We thought it might be interesting to get readers involved, so we have two questions for you:

#1. Who’s got (legal) ideas on ways to earn money?

Leave your ideas in the comments. The more specific, the better. He’s looking for good ways to make money, and is willing to do what folks suggest and report back on the results.

Keep in mind that like many folks, my son’s already got a job, and he’s going to school full-time. Other details: he’s got a computer and a truck. We do live in the (boiling hot) desert, so things like shoveling snow and raking leaves won’t apply here. But they could sure work for other people!

#2. Who’d like to join in?

Are you up for earning a chunk of extra money too? It can sure come in handy, especially in the months leading up to the holiday season. So now’s an excellent time to start earning some money on the side.

$5K could fund an IRA, buy an older used car, fund a semester of college or an awesome trip — you name it. If you want to participate in the challenge too, say so in the comments below & I’ll contact you with how it will be handled. Not only will you go out and make some extra money, but you’ll have the chance to be crowned the $5000 Challenge King or Queen.

Entirely possible

I think it’s entirely possible to earn that amount of money in 112 days. It’s all about taking action ASAP, and then following through. So who’s with us? Comment below, either saying you’re up for the challenge and/or offering suggestions.