Take the Last Step

When it comes to goals, I often talk about how important it is to just get started. Planning is incredibly helpful, but after a certain point you just have to take the plunge. But there’s something else that’s just as critical when you’re working to accomplish something: taking the last step. After all, it’s not done until it’s done.

Take stock

Do you have any goals that have been in progress for a long time? Things that you may have been making incremental progress on, but that seem to have fallen by the wayside?

It’s time to take stock and see where you’re at, and what you need to do in order to take the last step. This means you need to look at your situation objectively. Take a look at the goals you’re working on. Figure out what kind of progress have you made so far, and what you have left to do.


I will freely admit that I have way too many goals. (Which are usually disguised as projects.) I have so many things I want to get done that there’s no way I can work on all of them everyday — I couldn’t even do just a little bit of work on all of them every day.

The reality is that most days (especially lately) I’m barely keeping my head above water, let alone making actual progress on my goals.

When that happens, we’ve got to prioritize and figure out which goal we want to finish first. Ideally, that should be the goal that’s most important to you, or that’s most necessary for you to accomplish another, greater goal that’s important to you.

In our case, that’s working on paying off our mortgage early. Getting that done will free up a lot of cash, and will enable us to change our lifestyle if that’s what we want. So that’s our priority right now.

What will it take?

Once you’ve identified the goal you most want to complete, figure out what it’ll take to finish up the goal. Sometimes, it’s a matter of not getting sidetracked by other things. (Such as when we need to quit procrastinating.) Sometimes we need outside help or advice. Sometimes we need to get over a fear that’s holding us back.

So spend 30 minutes right now and to figure out what it’ll take to get your goal done.

Then take that last step.