Staying Firmly on the Path to Success

I’ll admit it. I’m a wanderer, and that’s just fine, especially if we’re off visiting some foreign land. You see a lot of interesting things when wandering that you wouldn’t see otherwise.

There are merits to the slow and aimless path.

But there are times when I don’t want to wander about — especially when it comes to my financial goals.

I want to GET there, using the best and most direct route possible.

Usually I start out just fine. I know where I’m going, what I need to do to get there, etc. But as my husband pointed out, things seem to go in cycles for me. I’ll feel like I can conquer the world one minute and like I’m never going to get anywhere the next.

It’s frustrating. But I have a new magic phrase:

“The rise and fall of my emotional tide will not deter me from my course.”
(from The Traveler’s Gift)

It doesn’t matter how how I feel. Yes, some days I’ll feel badly, and others I’ll feel great.

But I don’t have to let the bad days affect what I do. I just have to keep going anyway.


  • What a great phrase!

    You are right–staying on track is a key to reaching your goals–especially financial goals. Gettong off track not only delays you, it can move you back a step or tow.

  • Thanks David! On the plus side, if I do get off track, I can at least keep coming back.

  • That is so true. Our emotions can deter us from our goals. The most important thing is to recognize our emotions for what they are – emotions. They are just there to tell us to get back on our track.

    I feel like we all go through our ups and downs, sometimes we just need need to relax and watch those waves go past us and hold our compass straight and focused on our goals.

    Thanks for a great reminder to stay focused on what really matters in my life.



  • Tomas, I think sometimes our emotions can fool us, because we may feel something in the moment that doesn’t accurately reflect how we really feel deep down. More of a transitory thing, I think.