Start a Side Business in Your Sleep (Or Not)

Dreaming of starting a side business? Here are some things to think about first

For many people who want to start a side business, the goal is to do something quick and easy that’s going to bring in money without then having to expend too much effort. And who wouldn’t want that? I’d like to have money magically roll in too

But let’s talk reality

The thing is, that’s not realistic — at least not at first, and sometimes not ever (depending on what type of business you start.) This means that while there are all kinds of claims out there when it comes to starting a side business that might make you think otherwise, real rewards follow real work.

Yes, you can make money using passive income ideas. But no matter what, starting something like that still involves an investment of time and energy. All side businesses do.

Things to consider

So if you’re considering starting a small business to bring in some extra money. take some time to make sure it’s likely to be a good fit. Talk to other people who are doing something similar themselves to learn about their experience. I don’t mean the people offering to sell you such a business or related materials/training, I mean people who are actually earning their money from the type of business you’re interested in.

Think what you would most enjoy about the potential side business you have in mind, too. Other than the money, that is.


Unless you’re only going to be doing it for a couple of months, a side business will be a big part of your life. Making sure it’s something that you will both enjoy and be good at will increase your chances of success.

Recognizing that even a side business takes time and effort will too.

Once you’ve got a good understanding of what will be involved, you’ll be ready to get started — and better prepared for success. So give yourself that good foundation, and then get started.

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  • A lot of work does go into a side business. From an outsider’s perspective, a side business might seem like a great way to make some extra money, but once you factor in the time, it might just be better to get a side job! ;)

    • Yes, I think it really does depend on both why you’re starting the business and what you hope to accomplish with it. There are some businesses you could start easily to make a little bit of extra money (things like pet sitting or window washing), but others can be much more involved.