Splurge a Little on Yourself…

Curiously, I’ve been told by several people recently that I should “do something for myself” and asked if I’m going to be splurging on anything soon.

I do splurge (quite a bit!) already, but I guess they’re not on typical things. I buy stuff like Popsicles, oil paints, and hm…I did buy those sunglasses I was debating about recently.

Of course by far the biggest thing I splurge on — if you can call planning ahead for months a splurge — is travel. Yes, I will fly across the country to go see a play. Yes, I intend to go to Tierra del Fuego just because I like the name. (I barely even know where that is, and don’t know whether there is anything to do there, but I’ll be going there someday.) Yes, the list of places I’d like to go is enormous.

Maybe the “do something for yourself” comments are just because anyone who knows me can see that I could use some new clothes. Clothes are a typical girl splurge, so that could make sense.

There’s nothing wrong with my clothes, mind you — they’re not full of holes or anything, at least not since I met with that fashion consultant once ;).  I just don’t have a whole lot of clothes, because I hate shopping for them. That would be more of an irritation than a splurge!

So what about you? Are you a fan of frequent splurges on yourself? Or bigger but more infrequent ones? What do you like to buy when you do?


  • I spoil myself every couple of months. But I’m not really one for buying particularly expensive clothing – so it’s usually DVDs or gadgets!!

    I spend more like a guy than a typical girl lol!

    • Sometimes I feel like I do the same — but then I realize most of the gadgets I buy are just for my business, so maybe not…

  • My wife is a clothes hound and which leads to her taking up nearly all of the closet! However, she’s very frugal about it and I don’t have any problem with it. It is insurance for her sanity to have all of her “cute” outfits and I like seeing her happy. I say, “go for it!”

  • Jackie, I hate shopping as well. I consider my weekly lattes and regular pedicures enough of a splurge for most of the time. I insist on one good vacation a year also.

  • I like my splurges to be a reward for staying on track with a financial goal.

    • That’s a good idea. Hm, a trip to Antarctica sounds like a good splurge to me as a reward for when we get our house paid off…

  • Pretty things for the house are mine. But my husband usually has to push me into the store because I’m pretty good at denying myself in that area too.

    • Oh, I like buying things for the house too, I’d forgotten about that. Sounds like you get urged to splurge though, which could be nice :)

  • I do a little of both. I play bingo with friends and buy icecream Snicker bars. We also save for 2-3 vacations a year. As long as all of our bills are paid, personal goals are met, and retirement goals are covered, I’m fine with having some fun! :-)

    Tierra del Fuego sounds so dang familiar – where is it again? I swear it sounds like somewhere we visited in Argentina. Speaking of which, if you can ever make it to Ushuaia (the southermost city in Argentina), it’s gorgeous!

  • My splurge is lattes (either McDonalds or Starbucks). I have 1 four days a week usually (it’s one of my frugal sins) ;)

  • I tend to be an impulsive splurger! I will save and scrimp to make the numbers look good, then BLAM!!! I “splurge” on a personal trainer! Yeah…. a bit over the top to be sure!

  • My splurge has always been food or jewellery. I’m pretty content with not spending money, so that when I do, I feel good doing it .. like a treat.

  • gauri

    i have difficulty spending money on myself…i read somewhere that it could be coz i cannot see myself in the role of a spender but that i see myself as a provider…i just realised that is so right!…..i never hesitate to spend on others or to lend money to others…i never ask ppl to pay up either…but when it comes to my personal needs i question every little cuppa i spend o…i want to get rid of this mentality coz i am unable to enjoy life n i often end up feeling underdressed and get comments from ppl that hint at my clothes

    • For me, realizing stuff is usually half the battle. Maybe it would help if could think about how splurging on yourself and enjoying it could be beneficial to both yourself and others.

  • Mu splurge is definitely food, clothes and eBay!

    I am slightly strange though as small spare of the moment purchases are fine for me, but anything that I sit and think about buying are always too expensive in my mind no matter the cost!