Reflecting on My Goals for the Past Year

It’s the post-Christmas pre-New Year’s time of year — the time of year when people start thinking about resolutions and goals, and reflecting back on the previous year. I’m no exception, so a summary of how I did on my goals over this past year follows.

And now for my 2009 goals (and how I did on them). They were:

  • Fully fund my Roth IRA – NOT DONE. Not only have I not been sending a whole lot to my Roth, I’ve changed courses and sent more to my Traditional IRA instead (with the notion of converting it to a Roth next year). This is mostly because I didn’t feel like opening yet another account so that I can buy stocks within a Roth IRA. I don’t think the taxes on my earnings will be all that much anyway considering. In total, I’m 60% of the way toward funding my 2009 IRA.
  • Look into requirements for opening a SEP IRA – DONE.
  • Continue contributions to 401k – DONE
  • Purchase 1-4 tax liens – NOT DONE. I didn’t purchase any due to timing issues.
  • Double savings in 2009 (at least) – NOT DONE. I went backwards here.
  • Purchase stock each month – DONE.
  • Purchase treasury bonds if rates are right – DONE.
  • Pay a minimum of $35 extra per month toward mortgage, and send additional as well – DONE.
  • Continue tracking & evaluating expenditures each month – DONE
  • Continue saving each month for vacations and irregular expenses – DONE
  • Maintain minimum regular expenses at $1650 or less – REALLY NOT DONE.
  • Increase income by at least 150% – NOT DONE, although I have increased my income.
  • Increase donations to charity by at least 1% – DONE
  • Launch new business – DONE!
  • Prioritize future projects and then FOCUS – DONE
  • Fill out the 4-Hour Work Week Dreamline worksheet – DONE
  • Build up to exercising 3-4 times per week for an hour at a time – HALFWAY DONE
  • Practice moderation – Hm, going to go with NOT DONE for this one.
  • Try something different every month this year – ALMOST DONE (I did this for all but 2 months, and it was fun. A few of the things I did or tried were: learned to play disc golf, created a banana cake recipe, learned to scuba dive and became a certified open water diver, tried caviar, and did a practice podcast.
  • Get a massage at least once a month – DONE (although technically what I got is called Release Point Therapy — and it’s amazing)
  • Enjoy fresh flowers in the house at least once a month – ELIMINATED. I had to eliminate this one because our cat enjoyed them a little too much.

Overall I did better than I thought I had, so I’m happy with the results. What about you? What goals were you successful with?


  • I’d say that’s a stellar year for you!!

    The only thing I would add is to make sure we celebrate our financial successes, first and foremost. Then, with the things we didn’t accomplish, to not beat ourselves up too much. Rather, just look at it as an opportunity for the coming year.

    Great job!!

  • Thanks, I’m pretty happy with how it went :)

  • I haven’t reviewed my 2009 goals to see how I’ve done yet (doing that this week), but I gotta say–WOW. You are awesome! Diving? DIVING?!?! I’m so impressed!

  • CF, yeah diving is very cool, especially in warm water areas. It’s like being inside a giant aquarium. My husband wanted to do it so we both did it together.