Pinterest as a Vision Board

Yes, there are a lot of crafts, recipes, and wedding accessories on Pinterest — but there’s also a ton of other cool stuff. That can be dangerous to your wallet if all the goodies you see there spur you to buy, buy, buy.

But resist that, and Pinterest can be used as a tool in reaching your financial goals. Here’s how.

Picture what you want

Do you know what you want your financial future to look like? What will it include? Being able to describe the things you want in words is important, but for many people being able to see those things makes a huge difference. You can use Pinterest to do exactly that, by setting up a vision board with pictures of what you’re working toward.

Those images can keep you motivated, and help you to remember why you’re doing the work you’re doing to get there. Keep your goals front and center in your brain, and you’re more likely to reach them — especially if they are also SMART goals.

A Pinterest vision board

Pinterest is a digital pinboard, which means it’s perfect for use as a vision board. Vision boards used to be paper collages of things that helped you visualize the goals you wanted to achieve, but now they can be online — which means no digging around through magazines trying to find the pictures that express what you have in mind. Instead, you’ve got the whole internet at your fingertips — and you can upload photos of your own, too.

Setting up your vision board

I created a vision board there in just a few minutes. It’s easy to do. Just:

  • Request an invite if you don’t already have an account
  • Create a board called Vision Board (or whatever you want to name it.)
  • Pin images of what you’re wanting to accomplish.
  • Look at your board regularly.

That’s it!

One tip

If you want to have your most important goal display first on your board, that image needs to be the last thing you pin, since most recent pins are displayed first. You can always delete your pin and repin though if things don’t look the way you intended, or if you discover an image later that better represents what you’re working to accomplish.

Have you ever tried anything like this, either on Pinterest or on paper? How did it go for you?