Patience and Persistence ARE Eventually Rewarded with Results

You know how sometimes it seems like you’re never going to get anywhere? You try and try, and work extremely hard, and….nothing?

(Or at least nothing like the results you would like to see?)

I was reminded this morning that patience and persistence ARE eventually rewarded.

I’ve had a pair of orchids for a few years now. Normally they look like a few thick, dark leaves flopped over the side of the pot, and that’s it.

But once a year, they look like this:


Seeing those amazing flowers once a year takes sunlight, water and orchid food every 7-10 days, re-potting after the dog’s tail sends them flying to the floor, trimming off dead roots and leaves, adding new grow mix occasionally, and voiced admiration and encouragement to grow. (Yes, I talk to my plants.)

Your ideas and goals will bloom too, with the same kind of care and encouragement.