Now, An Even Better Debt App

Are you working on getting out of debt? Well, I’m super-excited to tell you about what’s now an even better debt app: Pay Off Debt.

Some of you may know that this debt app is one of my side hustles — and that I’m truly passionate about helping folks get out of debt.

One of my favorite comments about it said:

I just paid off my first debt thanks to this app! I swear being able to watch my % increase and my amount due decrease really helped me stick to the snowball plan. Just mailing monthly checks, and reading the statements isn’t as rewarding as this plan. Now paying off my debt feels better than shopping!”

Did you catch that last part? Better than shopping. That really is awesome.

Updated version with new goodies

So I’ve released an updated version of Pay Off Debt for the iPhone and iPod Touch that has even more features to help people stay motivated.

How’d I come up with these? Well, I love to hear from people, and quite a few of the more than 30,000 users sent in suggestions and ideas that I took to heart. (After all, the app is for you, so incorporating the features that you want just makes sense.)

Here’s what made it into version 2.0.3:

    iPhone app

  • New graphics & layout – The original version of my app came out in April of 2009 — relatively early days for the iPhone — and so it used a pretty basic layout. This version includes more modern-looking graphics and an easier-to-understand layout; both of the Debts screen and the app itself.
  • More information – One of the most-requested features was an amortization table. You see, many people would input their info, take one look at their planned debt free date, and think “That can’t be right! There’s no way everything could be paid off that quickly!”. Oh, but it can — if you’re taking advantage of the debt snowball method. The amortization tables for each debt will show you exactly how that’s possible.
  • Better organization – Pay Off Debt contains a ton of info, so much so that the main screen was getting more than a little cluttered-looking. You can still see frequently viewed information right on the Debts screen, but you can also dive deeper now to view more details about each debt, and you can tap the Summary icon to get the summary of how you’re doing on your overall debt snowball. That includes your planned debt-free date, a chart of your entire snowball, and the estimated time left before you can do your scream.
  • More resources – A big part of getting out of debt is staying inspired, so the app now includes a Resources section with links to blog post about getting out of debt, and an opportunity to get tips by email.
  • Favorite features – Of course, favorite features remain in the app, like the ability to enter custom payments, view the history of payments for each debt, and to organize your debt snowball in the order you prefer

What does this mean to you?

Well, if you’ve got an iPhone and would like to check out the new version of the app, leave a comment below saying so. I’ll choose a few folks at random to get a promo code for a free copy of the app.

Also, I’d love to hear your feedback, either in the comments, on your blog, and/or an iTunes review. And if you’ve already gotten out of debt (or even “just” paid off a debt or two so far — that’s a big accomplishment in my book) I’d love to get a post from you that tells your story. Shoot me over your submission if that describes you :)