Why I’m Upgrading to the iPhone 4S

I’m not a gadget person by any means, but I’ll be upgrading to the new iPhone 4S for a couple of reasons. The new iPhone 4S has features I would like that my current phone (an iPhone 3GS) doesn’t. That by itself wouldn’t be enough for me to upgrade, but I’m going ahead because it’s actually a better deal for me to get the new phone.

I need the iPhone to test my Pay Off Debt snowball app. I don’t want my phone to get terribly out of date, but I also don’t want to get the latest and greatest every time Apple releases a new iPhone, because that would get pretty pricey — and it’s really unnecessary. So I try to strike a middle ground with upgrades by doing so about every other time a new model is released.

This seems like both good timing, and a good deal. My contract with AT&T is up, so I’ll be switching to Sprint. I had Sprint for maybe 10 years or so before I went to AT&T and was always happy with their service. I’ll be glad to go back.

Comparing plans

I currently pay about $83 a month for my service with AT&T, which includes something like 450 minutes a month, plus unlimited data and 200 texts.

But because I belong to a credit union, Sprint will give me 10% off their rate of $79.99 a month. I’ll get the same number of minutes for calls to landlines, plus unlimited calls to cell phones, unlimited data, and unlimited texts. They won’t charge me an activation fee, and will buy my current phone back from me, meaning it’ll only cost me about $32 to upgrade instead of $199.

No downside

So I’m not seeing a downside here. Better phone with more features and additional service — for about the same or possibly even less money (depending on how much taxes and fees tack on) = green light for the new iPhone 4S.

Now I just need to wait in line Friday to actually get it…


  • It sounds like a win-win for you to get the new phone. I’ve had Android phones for a couple of years and love them (plus the 4G speeds).

    • Yeah I think it will be :)

      What’s funny is that my husband has an Android phone. I can barely use his — although at least I can use it now, compared to when he had the original Droid. For some reason Android phones and I just don’t get along. It’s like me and the little mouse trackers on laptops — something about how I use them doesn’t work out right…

  • I’m getting the 4s on Friday as well. It’s my very first smartphone and I’m so excited.

    I used my Verizon new every two credit, so I’m getting the phone for $169.99. No discounts on the monthly payment but the benefits of the phone clearly outweigh the cost.

  • You are very fortunate to live in the US :P In Canada, I pay 78$ per month for 200 minutes, call display, 1GB internet and unlimited texts (this is considered a good deal!).

    I can’t wait to finish school (hopefully) move to the States, if only for the awesome cell phone packages :P

    • I will glad you trade you our awesome cell phone packages for Canada’s healthcare for all ;)

      However, I should point out that plans vary a lot. If I were to have gone with Verizon my data package would be limited to 2GB, and if I’d stuck with AT&T (I’d still have unlimited data because I’m grandfathered in — new plans are limited I think) and I’d only have 200 texts (that I pay extra for).

  • Hope you post a review of the iPhone when you get it. I still love my Droid though. Don’t see myself giving it up anytime soon.

  • Laura

    I don’t think you should have to justify your purchase at all. I do like hearing your reasoning, tho. A well-balanced financial plan includes purchases like this. You can’t deprive yourself of every want or need. I’m glad you are getting your phone. I’m curious to know if you can search the web while being on the phone at the same time on Sprint.

    • Ah, yeah, it’s more about the reasoning. I was on the fence about upgrading/switching providers but some investigating convinced me to make the change. I don’t know whether you can search the web while talking on the phone on Sprint — that’s not a feature I’ve ever used.

  • It makes sense to me, however I do not have an iPhone.

  • Add me to the list of iPhone 4S converts. I’m actually upgrading from a 4, which I should probably be ashamed of, but it’s because my son is getting my 4. He’s used the same crappy slider phone for about 5 years and the battery will no longer hold a charge. He’s also old enough to need a keyboard for texting.

    I know a lot of people go crazy at the thought of others spending money on smartphones, but it’s all a matter of priorities. You definitely need to be able to develop and improve your app, and I use mine to keep up with my blog. Some people may not need all the features and that’s fine. I love the iPhone and I can’t ever picture owning anything else.

    • I guess the 4S is supposed to be faster than the 4. I bet your son will enjoy the 4 :)

      It did bug me a lot at first to be paying so much more for a phone with data than a phone that just…you know…let me call people, but I’d never go back now so long as I have the choice.

  • More power to you! I don’t think you should have to justify a purchase as long you are responsible with your money in the first place. Have fun with your new iPhone!

  • I think that the IPhone can have the same application as the IPhone 4S, but is nice to make the change so far for me better hardware that can handle those new apps. good luck with the change and thanks for the good info.