My Favorite Things (And Yours Too)

What do you think of when you hear the phrase “my favorite things”? Is it the song from the Sound of Music? Oprah’s annual show? Something else?

Me, I literally think about my favorite things, most of which aren’t things at all: my family, traveling, the moment when you first get under cool sheets in the summertime, etc.

But what are your favorite things to spend money on? I suspect people may not give that a lot of thought, but maybe we should. My favorite things to buy or spend money on are food, travel, and things for the house.

What’s the point in thinking about that?It’s to examine whether what we actually spend our money on matches up with that we value. If they don’t, why not? What could we change so that our actions line up more with what’s important to us?

Of course we still need to find a balance in our spending — we may love to eat out, but we also need to retire and pay our bills. So it’s important to prioritize, but also to get a reasonable amount of the things we appreciate most, and then really enjoy those things.


  • My favs are food, traveling and crafts. Unfortunately, I don’t need anymore crap, so the spending on craft objects has to stop. But oh! The delight I feel when I buy some silly hand-crafted item. I’m trying to compensate by making crafts (mostly from used or cheaply-found parts) and giving them away. The same glee, but I don’t have to dust or find a home for the stuff!

  • I like to spend money on travel, eating out, hanging with my friends and things for my home as well. But I do agree with you there should be an important balance in saving for retirement. I put 10% of my salary each month into a retirement account. It hurts when I am broke, but knowing that I am saving for my future makes me very happy – especially when I get the statements in the mail.

  • Dear Jackie:

    The only things I try to spend money are the ones that help me accomplish something. For example: traveling, unique experiences (skydiving, hot air balooning, etc), etc.

    If a thing does not help me accomplish one of my goals or does not provide me with a unique experience then I do not buy it. Naturally, food and other necessary for survival things are a priority.


  • Thanks for your comments guys. It’s fun to see what all of your favorite things to spend money on are. It sounds like traveling is a favorite with a lot of people.

  • Our Christmas tree! We go to a tree farm, and cut one down. It’s a family tradtion that we made a yearly family tradition. Next would be my house payment, just because I make extra payments and will have it paid off in Feb 2010.

  • Ken

    I love to buy books..used or new. I’m past due for my next purchase.

  • Don, going to a tree farm sounds fun. And Feb 2010 is right around the corner! Congrats!

    Ken, what kind of books do you like to get?