Mortgage Payoff Progress and Quarterly Goal Update

As you may know, we’re aiming to pay off our mortgage by the end of this year. We’ve had that goal for a few years now, but only really got it in gear starting late last summer.

As of this very moment, we’ve paid 38% of it off. Our target was to pay an additional $5000 per month toward it, which we haven’t always hit. If we do consistently hit that target, we’ll be just a little off track with a planned debt-free date of February 2013.

I have to admit, we’d be on-target or ahead of schedule if I didn’t love traveling so much. Guess that means I need to bring in more money so I can both travel and hit our mortgage goal.

Which of course is directly related to my single stated goal for 2011:

“By the end of 2011 I will have at least quadrupled my total 2010 gross non-employment income by improving the quality and sales of my existing side projects (debt snowball iPhone app and blogging) and by creating at least one new side project that I carryout to completion.”

On that front, it’s been a mixed bag. I hit the income goal this month, but not for January or February. Still, I’m ecstatic about this month, and am working hard on making that happen for the year.

How are you coming on your SMART goals for the year? Have you made any changes or good progress? It’s always good to check in on goals at regular intervals to see.