More Is Not Always Better

There’s a fine line between being a little hungry, satisfied, and being too full. Given a choice between the three, I’ll take satisfied, of course. Being content is a wonderful thing.

But as I write this, my stomach is growling. I’m hungry, but certainly not starving. When I first noticed the growls, I thought, “Well, that’s good. It’s good to be a little hungry, because that means I didn’t have too much.”

Too much, you see, can be just as dangerous as not enough. Sometimes it can even be more dangerous, depending on the situation.

And I’m not just talking about food here. I’m talking about the things we buy, the amount of work we do for a living, and the desire for bigger and better.

At a certain point, the things we have and do are enough.

They’re worth savoring, and truly appreciating.

What are some of the things you’re grateful for in your life? Things that you have just the right amount of, maybe?