Money-Saving Health & Beauty Tips

It doesn’t have to cost the big bucks to get into shape and maintain a beauty routine. In fact, there are many things you can do for little or even no cost at all.

Check out these health & beauty tips for ways to save money on everything from exercising to prescriptions.


Yoga poseIf you’ve already got a gym membership but aren’t using it, cancel that puppy. Having it and not using it isn’t going to get you healthy, it’s just going to make you feel guilty. Save the money instead. If you DO use the gym regularly, see if you qualify for discounted rates. For example, many multi-club gyms have cheaper rates if you agree to only use one of the gyms. They just don’t mention that unless you ask.

Of course, exercising at home instead of at a gym can often be either completely free or very low cost. You don’t need a lot of fancy equipment to exercise either — no treadmills acting as expensive clothes hangars in the basement necessary. Here are some inexpensive exercise ideas. You can always pick up a yoga DVD, too.


Ahh, massages are so relaxing, and good for your body too. They don’t have to cost a fortune or be reserved for special occasions. Inexpensive massages are available from massage schools and places like Massage Envy. You can also learn to give massages yourself for just the cost of some oils.

Hair care

Shampoo and conditioner are expensive, so you can easily save money there by not slathering it on. You need very little shampoo or conditioner to wash your hair. Put a glob about the size of a nickel on your hand and use that amount instead. It’ll work just the same. (And you do NOT need to “lather, rinse, repeat”. Lather & rinse is just fine.)

What about hair cuts? Get your haircut at a beauty school and save a bundle. (Plus they’re usually extra concerned with getting it exactly the way you want it, and they have expert instructors to advise.) Getting your hair cut less frequently is another way to save. Add an extra week between haircuts and you’ll eliminate several cuts a year. If you or a family member have a simple cut and are feeling especially brave, you can do it yourself at home for free.

Contacts & eyeglasses

Places like Costco and 1-800-contacts offer significant savings on contacts. And you don’t have to buy your eyeglasses from your eye doctor. Sites like Zenni Optical can save you hundreds of dollars on each pair of eyeglasses. I’ve gotten several pairs from there and been very happy with them. Just ask for your PD measurement and a copy of your prescription from your eye doctor, and order online. (Be sure to note the measurements of the frames compared to your face though, so that you can get a pair that fits well.)

Preventative care

Taking care of yourself will save you thousands over the long haul in doctor visits, medications, hospitalizations, lost time at work, and insurance premiums. Eat right, drink plenty of water, exercise, take your vitamins, get regular checkups, floss, get plenty of sleep, and don’t ignore things like persistent coughs or strange spots on your skin. Get them checked out early.


All prescription prices are not created equal. Especially if you have a recurring prescription, call around to different pharmacies to see what they charge so that you can get the best price. You can also take advantage of pharmacy coupons. And did you know that Costco offers prescriptions? Drug companies provide free drugs to those who qualify. Generics are another money-saving option, as is asking your doctor for samples if it’s unlikely you’ll be on a drug for a long time or if you’re not sure how effective the drug might be.


  • I’m always trying to save money on my contacts. Great tips!

  • KC

    If you want to lose weight, jog and run a lot… You don’t have to go to the gym, the park is for free. Plus, you get to enjoy the view.

  • I am a gym rat – I really need exercise classes to get motivated, which is odd, because professionally I’m really a self-starter. My gym membership is probably the most worthwhile portion of my budget – I use it a LOT!

  • Having a healthy lifestyle does save a lot of money. It is never early to start young. And I don’t enroll myself in a gym. I’d rather enjoy the exercise caused by doing household chores as well as running every morning with my kids.