Money is for Spending Too

Most people would agree that money is basically for a handful of things: saving, investing, taxes, giving, and spending. Sometimes we get so caught up in the personal finance world with talking about wise ways to use our money that we forget that money is also for having fun.

Well, I splurged this week on something that I hope will be awesome: a trip to Paris.

I’m super excited, because I got an amazing deal thanks to one of Airfarewatchdog’s low fare alerts. This post is probably going to sound like an ad for them, but it’s not. I just have to share, because I’m now a believer in those alerts.

If there’s someplace you’d like to go if the price is right — especially if you’re able to jump on a low fare quickly if it appears — definitely sign up and pick the city or cities that you’re interested in.

And even if travel’s not your thing, keeping a little money set aside to splurge now and then on the thing that does float your boat is a nice thing to do. Balance in all things, right?