Making Things Easy As Pie

Sometimes making more progress financially (whether it’s getting out of debt, saving money, or just plain staying organized) is a matter of making things easier on yourself.

This is because little obstacles can prevent you from doing the things you need to do in order to make progress. Eliminating those little obstacles can make a big difference.

What kind of obstacles do I mean? In my case recently it was something a simple as not having a pen handy. That’s right, a pen!

I actually put off reconciling my credit card statement because I couldn’t find a pen the other day. I looked for one for a little while, and then gave up and went and did something else, leaving paperwork piled on my desk. (And we all know how paperwork multiplies the minute you glance away.)

So having the items I need to get organized makes it easier for me to do so. This could include things like having file folders & labels handy too. Or it could mean things like taking a few minutes now to download a spreadsheet program (so that you’ll have the first step done in setting up a spending plan) or getting your bills in order so that you know what to pay when.

The easier the better. Make things easy as pie and you’ll eliminate nagging little obstacles to progress.