Make Those Goals Happen (I Did)

As of today, I’m officially no longer a full time employee. And to that I say, woohoo! I am however still going to be working part time because I do like my job. That should be a nice happy medium — giving me more time to focus on my Pay Off Debt app and my art.

This has been a long-time goal of mine, so I’m happy to finally get here. (Paying off our house certainly helped!) So I’m here to tell you that you absolutely CAN reach huge goals. Goals that may seem complicated or undoable at first. Goals that you don’t necessarily know right now how you might even accomplish. How?

What you need to reach your goals

You need two major things to reach your goals: a burning desire to do so + actually taking regular action on that desire.

You can’t just daydream about what it might be like one day to do or be [whatever you want]. (Although I do recommend daydreaming about exactly that regularly, because doing so will help fuel your desire. So go ahead and daydream. Feel what reaching your goal will be like before you’ve even done it.)

And while you’re doing that…

Take steps toward reaching your goal — daily if possible. It doesn’t matter if they’re tiny steps or huge ones, as long as you’re going in the right direction.

Not sure how to accomplish what you want?

You don’t need to worry about the how — at least not up front. Truly. I’ve never really worried about how to reach a goal. Not because I somehow automatically see everything laid out before me and it all works perfectly, but because I know that life isn’t like that. Life is so much better than a path set in stone.

There’s no goal police out there, checking to make sure you went about things the “right” way and didn’t screw anything up. So what if you do? Label those as either happy accidents or learning experiences and go from there.

As human beings we’re blessed with the ability to learn and course correct along the way. Not knowing how to get to your goal before you start isn’t important. You can figure that out along the way. What matters is knowing where you’re going (and enjoying the journey along the way.)

If you get stuck…

If you get stuck, there are people who will help you with advice, opinions, encouragement, and sometimes even by pitching in and working alongside you. There’s also trial and error, and discovering awesome stuff along the way that you might never have learned otherwise if you hadn’t just forged ahead.

So just start. Even if you don’t feel ready, because often the first step is to start before you’re ready.


  • Kathy

    Congrats on going part time. Now….what to do with all that extra time? ;)

  • I can’t wait to work less. That is what keeps my desire burning to reach my goals. And I daydream all the time! Maybe a little too much but it always seems to keep me focused on my work and reaching those goals.

  • Congratulations!!! And you hit the accomplishment equation spot on… Dream+Work=WOOT!!! :-D Enjoy your new flexibility!!!

  • Congratulations, Jackie! That is wonderful news. I’m really happy for you. I work from home and I’m still trying to work out a little more time for my art, but I will get there. My balancing act isn’t very balanced!

  • Great post Jackie and congrats on achieving your goals. I love setting goals but more than that I love achieving them. Sometimes I get stuck and give up or just set new goals but this year I am really trying to follow through on all the goals I set in January.

  • Whatever you want to happen in your life can only happen if you are passionate about it and will not stop doing what’s needed to be done to make it happen. Kudos to working part time. You can now have a better work-life balance and you get to focus on things that you want to prioritise.

  • Success can never be achieved over night. It takes a lot of hard work and patience to achieve whatever goals we may have. And success is a lot sweeter when being worked hard.