Make Room for Your Dreams

What are your dreams? Are you living them, or at least working toward doing so?

I hope so, because there’s something about actually spending time working on making your dreams a reality that’s just amazing.

I spent a few hours yesterday working on an oil painting — one that I fully expect will take at least a few weeks to finish — and it just felt so right to be working on it. I’m not sure I’m happy with the painting itself right now, but actually painting? That felt right.

In order to do so, I had lay down a drop cloth, drag a large easel out of my son’s closet, get out my paints and brushes from another closet, pick up the blank canvas I prepped weeks ago from where it was leaning against the wall, get my palette out of the fridge, set everything up against the bookcase in the dining room, open all the blinds, and change my shirt.

Because I don’t have a studio, all that was just to get everything ready to begin painting. Then there’s the painting itself (which usually takes a few hours), followed by hanging the painting somewhere safe to dry, cleaning the brushes, and putting everything away.

In other words, it’s a lot of work. And that doesn’t include the time spent at painting lessons, buying supplies, etc.

Which, I suspect, is why it’s often easier to say “Oh I always wanted to do _____” than it is to actually do it.

But it’s worth it to make room for your dreams, both in your schedule and sometimes literally too. When you pursue the things you really enjoy doing, good things come to you.