Love ‘Em and Hate ‘Em

I have a love-hate relationship with paper towels.

I love them because they’re handy and great for cleaning up particularly disgusting or greasy spills, and I hate them because every time I use one I feel like I’m being wasteful.

And I don’t suppose it’s just that I feel like I’m being wasteful — it’s that I am being wasteful. I think of the trees, bleaching, and transportation involved and just…I don’t know.

I do use rags and cloth towels frequently instead, but I keep thinking that there has to be a better solution that would allow us to eliminate paper towels for good (or at the very least eliminate the more-frequent-than-I-would-like use). I’m just not sure what that might be, if anything.

On the plus side, every time we do use a rag or cloth instead, we’re saving money. It’s amazing how expensive paper towels are, and how much less we’ve been spending on them since we started using rags instead at least part of the time.


  • Hi Jackie. I have really good news for you… my wife and I went through the same battle back in January of this year and came up with a solution that has work phenomenally!

    This 24 pack from Sam’s are the ones we bought. It has been almost a year and we have only busted into about 1/2 the pack, and we’ve given a couple away for loved ones to try.

    We use them for all spills on counters, floors, etc. When they’re dirty… just throw them into the laundry and replace w/a clean one. My wife even cut them in half and uses them with her Swiffer mop instead of the disposable sheets… which works great too.

    Since January we have went through only 1 1/2 rolls of paper towels (which we mostly leave out for when other people stop by.)

    Here is the article I wrote about Paper Vs. Cloth back in January. Enjoy, and Godspeed!

  • Hm, for some reason when I click that link it goes to a blank page for me. What was the name of the product?