Learn to Love Your Financial Life

Part of the tag line for MoneyCrush is “learn to love your financial life” — and it’s there for good reason.

I don’t necessarily mean learning to enjoy managing your money either. I suspect some people enjoy that more than others — I always have — but enjoying money management isn’t the important part.

For example, you can like dealing with money and have a not-so-fun, stress-filled financial life if you don’t have enough of it to manage, or if you’ve gotten in the habit of spending more than you earn.

Because money is a big part of life, learning how to handle it so that things run smoothly is key. No one starts out knowing how to manage their money at all; let alone knowing how to manage it in a way that lets us actually enjoy the fruits of our financial efforts.

Learning to love your financial life can mean different things to different people. It may mean overcoming a sense of being “bad” with money, learning to live below your means, making plans for your future so that you no longer have that nagging sense of worry, etc.

Basically, if there’s an area that’s stressing you out or that you’ve been putting off, that’s probably exactly the place to start.

Because most of all, learning to love your financial life means taking action.