Rushed or Impatient? You’ll Pay More for Purchases

Sometimes it only takes a tiny bit of patience to score a deal. Much better than the alternative of paying way more than necessary!I’ll admit it: I am not a patient person. When I want to do something, go somewhere, or buy something, I want to do it NOW.

My family is used to this. Here’s a typical conversation:

Hey, want to go to the movies?
Sure, when?
Right now, let’s go! (And 10 minutes later we’re out the door.)

Then there’s the time I decided I wanted a little camera that could fit in my purse. My husband began researching options and prices. I asked him to forget it, because I was headed to Best Buy. (Where I did in fact buy a little camera.)

And you know what? There’s (literally) a price to doing things that way.

The price

When you’re in a hurry to buy, you almost always pay more. You may miss out on great deals. And just “being an impatient person” — or not wanting to make the effort to do a little research — is not the best reason to pay more.

You could easily spend a couple of minutes online to come up with a better deal.

So if you’re like me, take a minute to see what the other side is like. You might be surprised. I know I was.

Turns out, you can save a LOT by being (even slightly) less impatient

What a difference

A while back, I put down some money to lock in the price on an entertainment center we liked. A $629 entertainment center, to be precise.

My husband asked me if I’d like him to see if he could get a better price on it elsewhere. Since we wouldn’t need it for a few weeks, I said yes. He found the model number for me, and in a fit of rationality I plugged that into Amazon.

They had it for $300 less.


A 30 second search saved me almost 50%, and it came with free shipping to boot.

What about you?

Have you learned not to pay the price of impatience? Or are you just naturally a planner? What are some ways that you save on the things you want or need to buy?

One comment

  • It’s definitely true, especially as the price tag increases, that taking the time to shop will yield you better results more often than not. Glad to hear that you’re tempering your impulsiveness and that it’s paying off,which only makes it more likely that you’ll be more patient moving forward. Thanks for sharing the story!