Just Do the Next Thing

I’m in the middle of a whole bunch of massive projects right now, and about to start yet a couple more soon. It’s overwhelming.

In fact, every time I start thinking about all the things there are to do, I pretty much just want to blow them all off and go take a nap. Sleep sounds really good to me right about now, and it’s certainly a whole lot more appealing than wondering how on earth I’m ever going to get all this done.

But then I tell myself, “Just do the next thing. Don’t worry about anything else.”

The next thing on the list is all I really have to do at any one time. And if I do enough of the next things (and some delegating and trimming) chances are I will get all of the projects done.

All you can do is all you can do, but you have to DO it, one next thing at a time. Getting overwhelmed and blowing things off, on the other hand, only gets you further behind.

But doing the next thing brings you one step closer to your goal. So just do the next thing


  • I call this my method “bitty-bits”. My husband sometimes asks “what are you doing?” and I reply “my next bitty-bit.” It makes me smile and it’s hard to feel overwhelmed by “bitty-bits”. Yeah, I’m strange, but it works, lol.

  • Oh I like that saying :)

  • Boy did I need to read this today! My list is filled with little obnoxious tasks that need to be done. None of which require much time or effort. But I am distracted by the big projects looming. I just want to take a big bite of them and get the ball rolling!!!

    Or take a nap!

    But I know I need to get through my bitty bits first!!!