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Budgeting for Disneyland: Planning Your Visit

Budgeting for Disneyland is a must-do. You can visit Disneyland on the (relative) cheap or you can do things up big. Here's how to budget for Disney.Visiting Disneyland is on the “must do” list for many households. It can be an entertaining and memorable experience for children and adults of all ages.

When it comes to budgeting for Disneyland, follow these pointers to let both you and your wallet smile before and after your trip to “The Happiest Place on Earth”.

Visiting Disneyland on a Budget

You can visit Disneyland on the (relative) cheap or you can do things up big, and so either way you’ll need a budget. Every Disneyland visitor has a different spending limit, but you can have a whole lot of fun no matter what. (Just be sure to get plenty of rest during your trip!)

Once you’re in California, your two largest expenses will be lodging and tickets. There are ways to save on those, and you can also save money once you get into the park itself. Here are some things to keep in mind when budgeting for Disneyland. » Read more

Randomness Recombined

This is going to be a little bit of this and that, all mixed up into one post. Mostly, it’s an update on some of the money-related things going on in my life.

And I want to hear from you too, so if you have a minute drop a little update of your own in the comments. » Read more