Improve Your Future in 5 Minutes

There are all kinds of things you can do to improve your future money-wise, but a few are super easy to do. In fact, you can improve your future in about 5 minutes, just by doing one little thing: increasing your 401k contribution.

Were you expecting some razzle-dazzle secret? Sorry.

Taking a few minutes to increase your 401k contribution (or other retirement/investing account contribution, if you don’t have a 401k) may not be exciting, but what it can do for you long-term is.

So seriously, take just a few minutes right now and increase it by at least 1%. More if you feel like it, of course, but you won’t miss 1% percent. (And it’ll end up being even less than that that actually gets taken out of your check, since 401k contributions are pre-tax.)

Which of course is another benefit — reducing your tax liability.

Don’t think you have time right this second to improve your prospects in retirement? It really does not take that long to fill out a little form. Contact your HR or login to your IRA account and do it.

After all, you have time to read about personal finance, which means you have time to act too. Make like Nike and just do it.