If Money Were No Issue

What would YOUR life be like if money were no issue?

Have you ever thought about what your life would be like if money wasn’t an issue?

I don’t mean “not an issue” in the you’re-so-filthy-rich-you-could-roll-around in-your-money-like-Scrooge-McDuck kind of way. I mean not an issue in the being reasonably financially secure kind of way.

Being financially secure

Being financially would mean…

  • having all of your basic needs met
  • having an emergency fund with at least a years’ worth of expenses in it, plus additional savings
  • being on track for retirement
  • being able to afford extras like having a cell phone, eating out, and kids’ -activities
  • being able to vacation or indulge in other luxuries a few times a year
  • and carrying no debt other than (at most) an easily-affordable mortgage

…all without stressing out about how you were going to pay for it.

Leaving the worry behind

It’s that last bit that’s truly key: living without the stress that comes from worrying about money.

Money affects us in all areas: where we live and work, education, healthcare, and even what we eat. Put simply, the more financially stable you are, the more choices you have — and the better starting point your children start out from.

This is obvious when you compare the opportunities of a child whose only meal might be the free school lunch they get when they go to school with the opportunities a wealthy diplomat’s child might have, but it affects both adults and children in the middle class too.

Let’s take work, for example.

Job choices

How would your life be different if you could work at a job you liked because you liked it — not because you’d be in financial trouble if you didn’t get a paycheck for a while? A job that you could quit if you felt like it, without any lasting repercussions?

Would you work at the same place, or in the same role? Would you put up with the same things? Or would you be more assertive, both in making sure you were treated fairly and in asking for raises and other perks?

When people know (or assume) that you’re struggling to make ends meet and need the job, they’ve got you over a barrel. Change that dynamic, and you often change how people treat you — and what you’re willing to put up with or do. My bet is that you’ll be more successful too.

Why it matters

Aiming for (and reaching!) financial security gets you off the spend-make-spend-stress hamster wheel.

While it takes patience and determination to get off that wheel — especially if you’re switching from a debt-based lifestyle to a debt free one — being able to make positive choices based on your actual wants and needs is awesome.

Live the life you want, not the life you feel forced into by default. That’s why it matters. What would YOUR life be like if money wasn’t an issue?


  • We are working on reaching certain financial goals so that we can make choices that aren’t based purely on money. I hate that I hate my current job, and I am working on changing that!

  • I’ve envisioned what it would be like if bills were basically covered. I know the amount it would take to have in my net worth to say that ‘money is no issue’ and I know I’m a long ways away. But I still think about it :)

  • More than anything in this post I think you make the very crucial point at the end: “Live the life you want, not the life you feel forced into by default.” Our financial situation shouldn’t dictate the kind of life we live…We make the choices, not the other way round.

  • I think what you’ve described is mostly an attitude and not actually achieving a certain income level or whatever. I think my husband and I are at a moment in our life when money is nearly “not an issue” and we don’t earn very much at all. I don’t expect we’ll be in that place forever as our eyes grow and we reproduce but for now we are.

    • I think there are many ways to go about getting to the “money is no issue” stage. Our plan has basically been to reduce fixed expenses as much as possible while increasing income.

  • I don’t know if I will ever stop thinking about our budget, even if we are completely financially independent and work becomes just an option. But I do know that we are secure, which means I do not deal with the OMG stress that some people have to suffer through by living paycheck-to-paycheck. I work hard to make sure I keep it that way, but I am grateful none-the-less.

    Oh, and if money really weren’t an issue, I would use the extra time to volunteer and travel. I have plans, lol.