How to Get More than $32 Worth of Cleaning Supplies for $3 or Less

Have you ever gone to the grocery store and spent a small fortune, only to realize you didn’t actually get much of anything to eat? Toiletries and cleaning supplies can eat up a ton of your grocery budget if you aren’t careful.

But it IS possible to cut back dramatically on the cost of cleaning supplies. Want to know the secret? (Hint: You’ll spend less, avoid chemicals, and reduce cleaning supply clutter.)

Here’s how to spend less on cleaning supplies

Instead of buying individual products like these:
Cleaning supplies

All you really need is this:
Save a ton of money on cleaning supplies with this simple ingredient

That’s right. Distilled white vinegar — typically available for $3 or less per gallon — can do the job of everything listed above. Plus, add baking soda and you can make non-toxic volcanoes :)

Favorite uses for vinegar

I first heard about vinegar’s awesome cleaning powers in Organic Housekeeping, a book that came out a few years back. I gave it a try, and found vinegar to actually do a better job than the chemical-laden products I used in the past — especially when it comes to getting the floors clean and removing hard water spots.

Now I splash a little bit into the dishwasher every time I run it, and the dishes come out sparkling. (That’s saying a lot considering we live in Arizona, the land of water so hard it practically thunks when it comes out of the faucet.) Vinegar is also good for neutralizing the scent of puppy accidents, which is a bonus right now since we have a puppy in the household.

Plus of course, we save a ton of money on cleaning supplies because we don’t need to buy specialized products. You can too.