Hey, Maybe the Reason Your Business is Down Has Nothing to Do With the Economy

People love to blame the economy for things, but sometimes I’ve just got to wonder. You see, I’ve been trying for weeks to get quotes on something. Weeks and weeks! I’ve called several different companies, leaving messages with each one.

People promise that they’ll have the appropriate person call me back, but no one ever returns my call. Well, I take that back, one company did call back, but it was to tell me that they weren’t able to help me and to refer me to someone else. (The referral didn’t call back.)

I feel like telling these people that they’d probably get a whole lot more business if they returned a few phone calls.

Oh well, if nothing else it’s a good reminder to myself to make sure that I follow through on things. Follow through can make all the difference.


Update: I wrote this about a week ago. Between then and now, I did finally get someone to call me back and they’ve been a pleasure to work with.


  • Hmmm… very interesting. I am surprised that very few companies promptly returned your call. Although I agree that people like to blame the economy another interpretation could be that they have laid so many people off that one person is doing two or three person’s work and they don’t have time. Possibly.

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  • Yeah, I’m surprised too. (About the only time I’m not surprised when people don’t return calls is if construction is booming and I’m trying to get someone to come out for a very small repair.) You could be right about the layoffs, although it’s seriously been a long time so I’d think they could have squeezed in a return call by now.