Getting the System Down in Writing

I do have a system that I use when it comes to paying bills and managing my money. Unfortunately, it’s more like a series of habitual actions that I do without really being able to articulate it all that well.

I have several checking accounts, a variety of savings buckets, credit cards, and investment accounts that I interact with each and every month. Then there’s the matter of what I pay when and from where. Somehow it all makes sense to me though, and works.

But what if someone else had to do it? That would be kind of a problem. If I weren’t able to explain what happens when, the other person would be in for hours of detective work. Not fun. So the plan is for me to create a shared Google document that lists the whole system out. This will require some thought and effort, but I’ve got it on the list for this week.

(Someone check back with me next week to make sure I actually got it done, please!)

So there you have it, my little mini-goal for the week.


  • I think its also important to write down passwords and log in information and keep it in a safe place, just in case.

    I have done this and keep it in my safe deposit box.

    Great post

  • David, that part I’d done previously at least. But you’re right, it doesn’t do the person helping you out any good if they have no way of making your payments.