Finding the Sweet Spot

Are you satisfied with your financial life? If so, you’ve probably found the sweet spot — the point where things just seem to work optimally for you. You’re still growing and learning, but overall things are humming along.

I’m not yet where I’d like to be financially, although after decades of struggle I finally feel like I’m on my way. I suspect that many people have a few changes they’d like to make in their lives.

In order to find that sweet spot, you have to have some idea of what would make you happy. (And that may not be the first thing that pops into your head.)

For example, when I was 22 I lusted after a shiny red convertible. One year later I bought a year-old 1990 Miata. I had my dream car (and I still have it), but the car wasn’t the answer. My finances were a big fat mess, and buying stuff wasn’t going to fix that.

Eventually I started looking into how to fix my finances. That involved setting goals, committing to them, getting some education, sacrificing, rewarding myself, and staying the course.

I’m still doing those things, but the sweet spot is a lot closer. How do I know that?

I have a vision of what the sweet spot will look like financially: minimal required expenses, good income, emergency fund, insurance, plans for both the near and distant future, no debt, low stress, plenty of spending money, etc.

What will your financial sweet spot look like?


  • Oddly enough, I would say that my financial sweet spot is pretty much the same as yours. The only thing I would add is the ability to give a significant amount (for me, that would be $10,000 or more) each year to charity and no-interest micro-loans. I feel confident that I will get there. Life is (finally!) good!

  • I found my sweet spot, basically–getting out of debt.

    I think the key there is to not lose momentum and go right into the “get your money to work for you” mode.

    I was in a funk for almost a year cuz I didn’t have a plan for when I emerged from debt.

    Get this plan in place so you don’t lose a beat

  • Debbie M

    My current spot is pretty sweet – if an unexpected expense comes up, I can handle it without going into debt or even freaking out.

    It’s going to get even sweeter when I pay off my house.

    It will get sweeter still when I can afford to retire.

  • Debbie, sounds like you’re in a great place, and that things will only get better.