Finding Balance

Finding balance in life is important. When it comes to money, that usually means finding a balance between saving and spending money, and between working and relaxing. In light of that, I thought it’d be fun to do a quick little survey here:

  • What are your favorite things to spend money on, and your favorite things to do to relax?
  • How much time do you spend working vs. relaxing in a typical week?

My own favorite thing to spend money on is travel, and my favorite things to do to relax are to hang out with my family and to paint. In a typical week, I probably spend 80 hours working, and about 30 relaxing. The rest is sleep! (with a little bit of trying to catch up on random stuff around the house…)

What about you? Responses in the comments are appreciated :)


  • I have about the same ratios as you and I don’t like it! I would like at least half and half or more leisure over work. One day, dammit!

    Anyhoo, I most enjoy spending my moolah on food and experiences (travel being one of the best experiences) more so than on stuff. The best kind of travel combines the two, of course!

    I have been reading up on (read about it in a book about early retirement) and I feel like starting a campaign. YES to 3 weeks of vacation! YES to less work and more life. (Alas, I am crabby today. Someone cheerful will pipe in, I’m sure!)

  • 1. Traveling and having fun adventures. I like swimming or reading to relax. Maybe watching some TV.
    2. I probably spend less than an hour a day relaxing and 45 hours a week working.

  • I love to travel small or big trips, it does not matter! I work a little more than half my waking hours. At least four times a week, I enjoy riding my bicycle for 90 minutes. It is a great stress reliever and good exercise.

  • Gosh I wish I was that balanced. I don’t think I have relaxed for 30 hours in week for a long time. When I do get a chance to unwind, I go for a walk, read, travel and head to the beach.

  • I have kids…and they have no concept of allowing you to relax. I have redefined “relaxing” as any time I am driving alone in the car or anything I am doing at night when the kiddos are asleep…this probably gives me 2-3 hours a day…and I mainly blog during this time.