Even Better than Having Things Just Fall in Your Lap

Have you ever heard about something that a coworker, friend, or neighbor got or did and thought (or even said!) that “It must be nice”?

Having that kind of reaction now and then is probably normal, but the thing is, it’s also a sign.

It’s a sign that in some way, that person has touched on something that we would like to be doing or having for ourselves. And you know what? Many times we probably can do or have those things too, if we really want them.

It just takes commitment and work, and of course a belief that those things are possible in our own lives too. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to say oh but I can’t do that because _______.

But we can.

Doing things like getting out of debt, making good money, traveling, living in a nice house, etc are totally doable. They’re just not necessarily easy. It may seem like stuff just falls in other people’s laps, but most of the time it really doesn’t.

You just don’t see the effort involved. You’re not there for the early mornings, the late nights, the extra jobs, the times they passed up eating out in order to get debt paid off, and the other sacrifices and choices. If you were — or if you’re already doing those things yourself — you’d know just how possible getting what you want is.

And when you do get what you want through hard work, it feels good. Really good. Because you can enjoy the fruits of your labor, knowing that you deserve it. And knowing that you can do it again if you want to.