Do You Have a Financial Role Model?

We could all use a good role model. If nothing else, role models provide proof that you can actually get to where you want to be if you do the things you need to do.

Do you have a financial role model? If so, who are they, and what have you learned from them?

Maybe they’re someone you know personally, or maybe they’re someone you admire from afar.

My biggest financial role model was my Grandpa. (Who unfortunately died last year.)

He ran multiple small businesses (an income tax business and a distributorship) while working full time. He (literally) built his own house. He invested regularly, both in real estate and stocks.

But most of all, he talked to me about money. He answered my questions and gave his opinions. If he thought something was a bad idea, he’d tactfully say that that wasn’t the way he would handle it. If he thought something was a good idea, he would tell me he was proud of me.

He also showed me the advantages of living below your means — having enough, being content, doing the things you really enjoy (in his case, fishing and exploring North America with family and friends), building a secure future, and giving.


  • I don’t have a financial role model, outside of the bloggers that I read. I take bits and pieces from my parents here and there :)

  • I have been really fortunate in that both my Mom and Dad were great fiancial role models. My Mom worked at a bank, then got a business degree and started her own bookkeeping business. My Dad, when he still was alive, would talk to me about investments and financial planning.

    Many people aren’t lucky enough to have one role model. I have had many.

  • My mom and step-dad were my original role models and recently I’ve really started enjoying talking money with my grandma and grandpa. My mom and my grandparents don’t get along but they are a lot more alike than they all think…

    I’ve also been zeroing in on personal finance bloggers for the last 6 months. I find great advice from all of you all the time!