Do These Words Ever Escape Your Lips?

Maybe you know someone who is super successful, or who does things you’d love to be doing too. It could be anything from making a ton of money to traveling the world. So when you think about or talk to that person, do these words ever escape your lips?

“I wish I could do that too.”

Well, you can.

Those people you’re envying didn’t get to where they are by magic.

YOU are perfectly capable of doing the same kinds of things they did.

You don’t have to be all wistful, envious, or quietly resigned to the status quo.

What you do have to do is to stop accepting the 8 million available excuses and start doing the work.

Nobody ever says, “I wish I could work that hard to get what I want” or “I wish I could live in an old house and drive an old car so I can afford to travel” but those kinds of things — not magic or major luck — are usually what it takes, at least at first. (And often for quite a while.)

If you want to succeed at something, try, try harder, fail, and try some more. Listen to the people whose advice resonates with you, and ignore the naysayers. Then try again, and again, and again. Keep doing the work ’til you get what you want.

If you want to travel the world or buy something, analyze your spending, make cuts where necessary, earn extra money, get a better-paying job, etc. Go for it, and do what it takes.

You’ll be happier for it.

Remember, life isn’t a contest that only a few lucky people will win. Life is the sum of your experiences, emotions, and ideas — and what you choose to do or not do about them.


  • You are so right. There is some magic bullet or some insurance policy for happiness in life. You have to make it for yourself and your own endeavors lead to a sense of satisfaction. It’s not easy to go after dreams and goals but what is the point of life if you didn’t.

    • On a related note, I also think it’s important to have some balance/time to relax each day. Which is one thing I need to work on…